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At Vibrant Health Company, we focus on delivering treatment in three highly specialized programs. Read about them below.

Five phases, one resolution.

The Trauma Solutions Program focuses on resolving all forms of trauma, especially complex trauma. This is our passion, and we are dedicated to your recovery. We specialize in treating early childhood trauma, including psychological and sexual abuse. We recognize trauma is transgenerational and culturally bound. Our program moves beyond a single approach to address the complex factors that make this condition hard to live with. A phase-based approach is endorsed by the world's leading experts on complex trauma - of which Traci is an active participant via the International Society for the Study of Traumatic Stress.

  • Phase-based treatment.
  • Individually tailored care.
  • Evidence-based, adapted, trauma-specific interventions.
  • Multidisciplinary team.
  • Multi-modal treatments include art therapy, music therapy, and somatic psychotherapy.
  • Self-study modules.
  • Long-term therapy.
  • Virtual and in-person options are available.
  • Insurance and self-pay options. Sliding fee options.
  • Group options.
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From couples distress to success!

Research shows that relationship stress causes poor physical and mental health. It is difficult to work as a team when you and your primary partner are not getting along. As stress and resentment pile up, this takes a toll on your relationship. At Vibrant Health Company, we respect all forms of love and welcome clients from the LGBTQIA+ community. Whether you are in a traditional marriage, have a nesting partner, or are in an ethical non-monogamous dyad, we have the experience to help you. The Mindful Mates Program is designed to restore intimacy and trust through the following:

  • An evidence-based approach to couples therapy.
  • A framework to use in daily life.
  • Phase-based care focuses on skill-building and practice.
  • Sex therapy components.
  • Multi-modal care involves somatic psychotherapy, art, and writing.
  • Virtual and in-person options are available.
  • Self-study modules.
  • Full-day retreat options.
  • Confidentiality assured.
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Tai Chi for Recovery

Tai Chi Qi Gong (TCQG) has unique applications for those recovering from prolonged stress, grief, interpersonal trauma, and medical trauma.TCQG helps regulate the autonomic nervous system, organize and restore a sense of self, and combat medical issues. 

Known in the martial arts world as Sensei Traci Baxendale Ball 松濤館, our founder established the Tai Chi for Recovery Program, the first tai chi program dedicated to people with PTSD. Vibrant Health Company offers Tai Chi and Qi Gong (TCQG) in these formats:

  • Specialized treatment for body-based problems.
  • Individual practice led by an instructor as part of your therapy.
  • Group practice in community classes.
  • Pop-up workshops.
  • Professional training.
  • Retreats.
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